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Rex Buchanan reworks the King of Rock and Roll's "Suspicious Minds" [Premiere]

 On a deserted island somewhere, Elvis Presley is talking to Tupac about the tropical weather they're experiencing and how this crazy DJ Rex Buchanan has just remixed his classic song "Suspicious Minds". Based in New York, Buchanan has taken the King of Rock and Roll's 1968 track and brought it up to modern speed with a bit of a break-beat meets house energy.

The nearly six and a half minute long dance track gives listeners ample opportunity to get lost in this Presley remix on the dance floor. The elevated energy is interspersed with heavier production bridges that provide just the right balance to carry you happily through to the end.

After a glance at Buchanan's extensive catalog, you can trust that you're in good hands when you push play. We've got your first listen to the "Suspicious Minds" remix, so make sure to check out Buchanan's track below.



Elvis Presley

"Suspicious Minds" (Rex Buchanan Remix)


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