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The Blancos make their video debut with "Lemon Garden" [Premiere]

The Blancos have gone from near-microscopic atomic matter to an almost-fully grown organism in a mere 8 months, capturing the ears and minds of a dedicated cult fan base spanning multiple continents and a plethora of countries across the globe. And while this is tip-of-the-cap worthy, the most jaw-dropping aspect of this tandem's make-up has yet to be revealed until now...their image.

The first time one sets eyes on this grungy, smooth-moving bearded duo the mental aspect (from the fan's perspective) of their artistry changes and redefines itself. New dynamics work their way into the brain as if oil and water are struggling (and somehow succeeding) to mix - as if Janis Joplin and Kanye West miraculously had a child - and the end result came out looking like Rick Rubin's rough and tough offspring. "Lemon Garden" is the perfect visual premiere.

On the horizon for these two is a show through International nonprofit organization RAW Artists at Greenpoint, BK's Brooklyn Night Bazaar (tickets can be purchased here) on 11/20 and the hopes to assemble a tour soon-thereafter. There's also plans to release an onslaught of music before the turn of the year, including rumors of another EP (or possibly more extended project in length). Keep it locked here for more details.

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