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Kendrick Lamar two-steps with unrivaled soul in official video for "i"

Can we all agree that Kendrick Lamar is one of hip hop's starting five and maybe even Compton's Michael Jackson? Kendrick Lamar is a laid back dude and he isn't the most vocal person in the world, but what we can say is that whenever he drops a record his music always speaks for itself.

Kendrick stated that his inspiration for writing his recent single "i" were for two types of people - the homies that are in the penitentiary and the kids that come to his shows with slashes on their wrist saying they don't want to live anymore (an inspirational and important demographic to speak to). K. Dot really gives hip hop something to look forward to. His music has power, inspiration, authenticity, and meaning behind it.

Directed by Alexandre Moors and The Little Homies, watch Kendrick move from the club to the streets of Compton. Look out for that cameo from Ron Isley, too. Check out Kendrick Lamar's official music video "i" to see his music come to life. Keep supporting what remains of good hip hop.

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