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Modus Coco adds unique touch to WhoMadeWho's "Heads Above" [Premiere]

Modus Coco is an artist from LA who has made WhoMadeWho’s “Heads Above” a favorite of ours all over again. His former project, Shapes of Light, seems to wield some influence over this remix. Shapes of Light was a duo of electric, heavy sounds, and that intensity seems to have transitioned well into his personal project. This seemed “muted” compared to this former project, but it’s still a heavy-hitting, vibrant tune.

This remix preserves most of the main elements that made this track so amazing in the first place, and adds compelling harmony to the vocals and bassline. The strings make it feel cinematic, which is a brilliant addition. This is the type of tune that’s over before you know it, since everything flows together so wonderfully. I found myself having to repeat it over and over to make sure I’d actually heard every bit of it. If you enjoyed the original track, this remix absolutely does not detract, rather, adds a cradling energy that is thoughtfully balanced.

Dance · Deep House · Exclusive


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