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Arca puts on a stunning fireworks display in "Now You Know" [Video]

If you don't know the name Arca yet, that's understandable; the Venezuelan producer, born Alejandro Ghersi, has given substantial-yet-subtle contributions to some very big names.  He was one of many producers handpicked by Kanye West for Yeezus, and is continuously a go-to producer for FKA twigs.  Perhaps most incredibly, he's heavily involved with the next Björk album.

Still, even if you knew all of this, you're only just meeting the real Arca.  Ghersi's first full-length LP, Xen, drops today via Mute, and it makes one thing very clear; Arca isn't just a trustworthy studio man, he's at the forefront of electronic music's experimental scene.  With the debut album still not quite out of the oven, he's shared a video for "Now You Know," with visuals that couldn't be more fitting.  A spinning, aerial perspective of a fireworks display is juxtaposed with Arca's ever-changing permutations, both the sights and sounds toeing the line between beauty and violence. 




"Now You Know" [Video]

  • Mute
  • 'Xen' out 11/4/14




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