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Have it all with Prafit's remix of Madison LST's "The World"

A few month's ago, Madison LST released a late summer treat, the video for "The World" featuring Kiah Victoria, a track from his debut album, Oblivion. Oblivion as a whole proved not only to be showcase of Madison LST's talent as a rapper, it was, and still is, a demonstration of his determination and motivated personhood; with songs like "Do Right," "Even When It Hurts," and "Comin Up," a listen to the album is guaranteed to leave you inspired. 

Frequently featured on Oblivion, is Nevada based hip-hop producer Prafit, who is very nicely contributing to Madison LST's portfolio as he throws this dark rework of "The World" into the mix. Intricate and vast-sounding, Prafit's remix very nicely compliments the essence of the original through take on beat and gives Madison's lyrics an extra effect in the soundscape.

Check out the remix and the video for the original, which was directed and edited by Martin Landgreve and Magnus Jonsson, below. 


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