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That time of year again, Whiiite Presents Halloween Volume 3 [Download]

Halloween is a special time of year - a celebration of costumes, candy - oh who are we kidding, we just want the latest and great Halloween bootlegs! Who else better to make this happen but the best fit for the job, the mysterious Whiiite as he drops his annual Halloween bootleg pack for the third straight year. This time in late October wouldn't be the same without some classics being brought into the new age, fueled by a new electric sound these throwbacks are brought back to life by the power of bass. From "Halloween Theme" to "Thriller" this years pack is a serious goldmine, Whiiite as usual brought along some of his best buds to deliver an insane selection of bootlegs. Your Halloween will feature works from Etc! Etc!, Peace Treaty, Dotcom, Jauz, Victor Niglio, Vaski, Sullivan King, and of course Whiiite himself. From some deeper house, to big room, to a new genre you could call ghostly trap, you're going to hear a little bit of everything on this years fright night. 

The man of the hour himself Whiiite teamed up with Etc! Etc! to start things off right, taking on Alice Cooper's classic "Feed My Frankenstein". I really think these two were actually trying to bring Frankenstein back to life as this trap heavy monster would bring anyone to their feet, living or dead. As Alice Cooper's hair raising vocals play over a continuous rock meets bass line, you can just imagine Transylvania getting so down to this sound.

Next we come across Borgore's latest brain child and recently Diplo & Skrillex approved, Jauz. The almost unknown bay area kid has recently jumped into the spotlight after his cross over track "Feel The Volume" exploded across the dance music world. Bringing that same deeper house and hail storm of wubs, Jauz stays true to his name summoning the real Jaws from the deep blue. Silent but deadly this beast glides through the dark water and before you know it, "It's a Shark!" Like a frenzy of blood and panic this attack is upon you pushing you deeper and deeper into the unknown, as this bass happy track just destroys your reality. I'm sure this little tune will get its well deserved play time this upcoming weekend as I cant imagine how crazy this will sound over an actually sound system. 

Moving on we come across my favorite spook sound off all time, Michael Myer's "Halloween Theme". The young Dotcom took it into his own hands and made his 2014 version of a song that freaked us all out for too long. With an added piano in the beginning that just brings the classic to a new level the song instantly drops into a hardstyle/trap section that I really did not see coming. Keeping hard trap a constant throughout this whole banger I could see Michael putting the mask down for a second and just saying, "damn!" Really well done from Dotcom as you can feel the immense amount of energy he fueled into this work. 

I really don't think there could be a Halloween mix tape of any kid without MJ and his classic zombie get down "Thriller". With so much energy and passion in anything related to the king you can't come at this bootleg lightly, fortunately James Egbert and his deep love for electro go hand in hand with this one. This bootleg takes you straight into that grave yard and into the classic music video, this time there might be an extra bounce in your thriller step as this re-work is really cool. With Michael Jackson and his one of a kind voice, the new added power carry this one onto the dance floor and definitely on repeat for me.

If there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood, Who ya gonna call?! Victor Niglio! Yeah thats right, Dim Mak's king of bounce takes on everyone's favorite ghostly theme song and takes it down under for a Melbourne bounce bootleg.  As the classic tune rolls in it quickly gets turned into a jumpy big room array of trumpets and bass, Niglio made this one big. Never thought ghosts and Melbourne could go together but I guess anything can happen this time of the year. Ghostbusters might turn into crowd control after this one gets thrown over some speakers, all about the bounce in this remix. 

Screamin' Jay Hawkin's "Put A Spell On You" has been a staple for the October season, from Bette Midler's rendition in 'Hocus Pocus', as well as countless modern day remixes, it continues to carry itself through the years. Recently reunited to the joy of the dance world big room kings Peace Treaty lend their contribution for Whiiite's annual bootleg pack. Those soulful vocals act at this never ending ladder into the dark, just when you think you actually may be lost they bring it in. A bigroom giant cuts right through you and this whole remix drops on its head, putting a spell on any crowd. Peace Treaty showed crazy ability to work with any material as these aren't the usual go to vocals for any mainstage worthy tune. Not only may this be my favorite on the pack but its also getting me pumped for the return of Peace Treaty!

Another Buygore artist in the group, Sullivan King is just kicking things off on what should be a promising career. Known for bass he took on the freakiest project on this whole mix, "The Exorcist Theme". Me myself try to avoid any of these movies at all costs more of a comedy guy I'm okay with possessed woman not being in my life, I'm already spending Halloween In LA. If any genre could maybe be scary enough to come close to the horror of this theme, dubstep and its anger may stand a chance. King let that creepy piano section play in the beginning and then took it all into his own hands destroying us with a guitar monster of a dubstep track. In the end of the song there is the coolest rock solo that makes this track a serious possessed entity of bass. Attacking you back into a big drop, I'm sure all the bass heads are going to be head over heals for this one.

For a large part of the country this month meant the re-start of one of the greatest shows on televison, 'The Walking Dead'. Zombies, amazing fight scenes, and badass rednecks, there really isn't anything not to love. One of the best parts of that show is the super bone chilling intro that puts you in the mood to see some zombie killing, I almost freaked out when I saw Vaski put his own spin on it. Vaski known for a little bit of everything left me having no idea what this would be like and a little worried I wouldn't like it. As always there is nothing wrong in music with being proved wrong as Vaski nailed it, he left it simple and sweet with a chill little trap zombie lean. The subtle beat is really dope and it takes nothing away from the orginal and to be honest makes this track into a club banger. Really showing you sometimes it just takes a little to make something amazing, even though he probably brought the zombies back to life with this beat.

Overall this year Whiiite picked the perfect artists to lend their take on the Halloween season, this bootleg pack will scare you, make you laugh, and most importantly make you get up. From bigroom, trap, dubstep, and everything in between we saw a little something from every genre represented this year. Use this whole compilation to fuel your Halloween party this year but be careful, as it may possibly summon the dead and some possible twearking. 



Whiiite presents

Halloween Volume 3

  • Self Released
  • October 29th



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