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Twiceyoung on their second EP, a new sound, and visions of Bonnie and Clyde [Interview + Exclusive Download]

Set to release their sophomore EP “Prefer You” later this year, Nashville based indie electro pop trio Twiceyoung are already showing a different side of their music. Comprised of Tyler Laspopoulos on vocals and guitar, Seth Lourdon on bass, and Zack Myers on drums the full band has only been in existence since 2012. Their debut EP “Little Mind Alike” found the group in a more upbeat space, while “Prefer You,” shows a darker and more experimental side. Their first single “Separate You” dropped on Nylon a week ago and seems to be moving quickly, and always fashionably, within the music industry. And I was fortunate enough to ask them the questions about their upcoming EP that everyone has been buzzing about.

EARMILK: So the release of your second EP is coming up, what are your hopes for it's release? 
Twiceyoung: Well, we definitely changed up our sound quite a lot with these new songs. "Little Mind Alike" was very "band" oriented, and we're showing a different side of Twiceyoung this time around. We're mostly hoping that anyone who enjoyed the first EP will like what we did with "Prefer You." 
EM: How does your second EP "Prefer You" differ from the first?
TY: "Little Mind Alike" was incredibly experimental for us. This new record  demonstrates how we've evolved, and is altogether more confident. Lyrically, "Little Mind Alike" focused on stories and more complete ideas. "Prefer You" is nearly the opposite, as it's focus is on emotion and tends to avoid story-telling. It dives right to the heart of a thought or a moment. Each song is somewhat of a collage. Our first single from the EP, "Uncover" is a great example. It brings several different moments and experiences together and focuses on a singular emotion. 
EM: What inspired the "Bonnie and Clyde" theme of your "Uncover" music video?
TY: Strangely, it came from staring out a window one night. Imagining a silhouette gliding into a frame. The story wrote itself from that moment. We didn't set out to create a love story or one about some misfits. Just, "What would this mysterious character be doing in the window?" You just begin asking questions and see where it takes you. 
EM: What would you consider to be the major influences behind your music? 
TY: I think it's as simple as whatever you're listening to tends to shape what you write. With this new EP we've been soaking up a lot of orchestral, melodic stuff, but also a lot of pop. 
EM: How did "Uncover" influence the tone of the EP itself?
TY: After "Little Mind Alike" we took some time off from writing as kind of a pallet cleanser. Once we got back to it we started piecing together "Uncover." We were inspired to chase a darker and more electronic sound. From then on we decided to start moving in that direction. 
EM: How was working with producer Kyle Rictor on your second EP? 
TY: He's exactly what we needed to mature our sound and he brought our vision for this record to life. We had a blast experimenting for months with crazy ideas for each track, but stepping back this EP feels completely cohesive. We couldn't have done it without him. There's no doubt that we'll work again in the future. 
EM: What inspired this track “Separate You?”
TY: "Separate You" was written after returning home from an extensive amount of time out on the road. We had a little down time that I spent reflecting on some rough months, questioning choices we'd made and searching for closure. I find inspiration is most prevalent when you feel that haze of uneasiness following you through the day. 
EM: Anything else that you'd like to tell us about?
TY: We're getting some touring plans together for 2015 and are super excited to have all of the details finalized soon! 

Thanks Twiceyoung! Make sure to check out their socials below, and make sure to snag the exclusive download! 

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