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Monsieur Georget's "Baptême de L'air" is an absolute must-hear [Premiere]

Monsieur Georget is a bit of a mysterious producer, our only knowledge is that it is the alias of Chris Carrier, but with stunning production credits that explore analogue synths and explore the boundaries of a minimalist base, we don't need anything more than his music. 

This time along, he's got a release going with Just Jack, a Bristol based record label. "Baptême de L'air" is the follow up to Adult Only Shape 03, which was released earlier this year. "Baptême de L'air" is appropriately an exploration of jacking tracks, blending with tech styles, while still rooted to his minimalist approach. It's catchy and a testament to how less can truly be more.

"Baptême de L'air" will be released as part of an EP (with the same title). Featuring 4 songs, this track will be on the A-side, and is not one to miss. Check it out below, and snag a purchase on November 16th



Monsieur Georget

Baptême de L'air

  • Just Jack
  • November 16, 2014


Club · Dance · Tech House


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