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Go Dark unveils their newest single "Hitman Dip" [Premiere]

Not much is currently known about the experimental-pop group Go Dark, except that the enigmatic duo are planning to make a lasting impression with their upcoming Bitchsword EP, which is scheduled to be released on Halloween. But in order to access the new EP, fans will have to play through the group's self-made video game on the website Bitchsword.com. According to unidentified sources, the game will feature new music and art on each play-through, offering players an unique experience everytime.

The group has also decided to release a single from the project "Hitman Dip," (track exclusive to the tape), in order to give listeners a taste of what to expect. The infectious single features an interesting patchwork of digital production and addictive vocal work that will have listeners hooked upon that initial listen. Check out the single below and make sure to check out the Bitchsword EP when it is released this friday!



cover (1)

Go Dark

"Hitman Dip"

  • Self Released
  • 10/29/2014



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