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TORN is funky, heavy, and exactly what Seinabo Sey needs for "Younger" [Premiere]

Lately, electronic music producers have been reintroducing their fans to the retro 70s and 80s disco and funk sounds. Vocalists in similar fashion. A true testament to the readily observable theory that fashionable concepts and styles return about two or three decades after they die (e.g., love for neon colors and tracksuits in the 90s). Right now, Swedish producer TORN is evolving that game with his electro funk style.

Likened to Justice and Sebastian, TORN's latest remix of Swedish soul pop singer, Seinabo Sey, brings exactly the type of quality we need to reincarnate the DeLorean-esque funk. Originally a mellow indie electronic tune, "Younger" introduced Seinabo Sey to the world as the next vocalist to take over the game (that may be an opinion, but a firm one that I'm sticking to). Though Kygo's remix charted her in Norway, TORN has reformatted the tune into an energetic force to be reckoned with. Devoid of form-filled synths and tired song structures, TORN's remix of "Younger" launches Seinabo Sey, and himself, to the next level.

Listen below and get on the TORN bandwagon before it takes off at full speed, which it undoubtedly will.


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