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Simoncino's deep & somber 'Dreams of Konders' takes us back to house's early days

A notorious user of Roland analog machines for years, Italian producer Nick Anthony Simoncino never fails to compose stimulating sequences that show the countless hours spent listening to his running collection of  10,000+ records and the level of mastery he has gained over his prized maschines. With a central inspiration derived from the early Detroit techno and Chicago house days, Simoncino has since infused futuristic & heavily ambient sectors to his electronic music via the vintage synthesizers in his studio.  Head of his own vinyl-exclusive imprint - HotMix Records - and another sublabel, Hot Island Records, he manages time well as he's actively producing, DJ'ing, and setting up releases around the clock. This time around, the analog wizard brings his sonic waves to Creme Organization once again with Dreams of Konders.


Made up of four tracks with individual frames of mind, the variant moods found in this release alone make the listening session itself fulfilling and interesting. But really, we could only expect such a thing considering the EP's title tips its hat to one of NYC's biggest reggae producers (Bobby Konders) who is well regarded for his unfearing abilities to explore with diverse styles in order to compile the perfect rhythms. Where opener "Meggaton" gives us a heavy and mysterious introduction to be perceived as dark and introspective, Simoncino's synths segue expertly to the bumpy and rolling temper of title track, "Dreams of Konders". This sunken and adventurous track does not play around with its intention to take the mood a little deeper, but leave it up to Simoncino's aerial synths to come in and lift things at the track's mid-swelling point a bit. The b-side gives us "Pyramids"; this ditty is really quite simple and effective in the vain of house producers from the early house days.  With "Space is the Place" in closing position, Simoncino puts at the forefront, once again, the beautiful synth lines that ride along with claps over a dense groove.


There's really no going wrong with Dreams of Konders if you're a true appreciator of house music's rooted sounds. This release will have you reconsidering whatever else labels itself as 'deep house' - guaranteed. Take a listen for yourself and make sure you secure your 12-inch copy.




Dreams of Konder

  • Creme Organization
  • 10/2014


Deep House · House


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