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Check out Maxx Baer and KRNE's beautiful soundscape "Cosmic Canyon"

You would think that with the development of computer-based music production the variety of sounds within popular genres would scale far and wide. You would also believe the amount of options would be infinite, as distortion and curation methods are endless. However, there's a heavily-saturated amount of similar music styles. My mission lately has been to highlight the more experimental notions within modern music, and today's contribution from Maxx Baer and KRNE is a diamond in the rough.

"Cosmic Canyon" is a soundscape illustrated to evoke more than just your sense of hearing. When I listen to this track, I am overwhelmed by the comforting noise it brings, but I immediately imagine the scenery it could complement. I've talked about music and memory before, but this is an almost "virtual" effect to the music. Baer and KRNE do a wonderful job of fusing mellow moods with trap. The genre gives this track direction wherein otherwise it would be purely experimental sounds.

This one's bouncing off the walls of newly founded collective Hebinomichi. If there are a group of guys to keep your eye on going into 2015, they would be it. Take a listen to "Cosmic Canyon" below, and check out more Baer and KRNE.

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Maxx Baer and KRNE

"Cosmic Canyon"

  • Hebinomichi
  • October 27


Bass · Dance · Exclusive · Experimental · Feature · Trap


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