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Jazz Cartier shows he's an artist to watch out for in "Switch/The Downtown Cliché" [Video]

Toronto is experiencing a-kind-of hip hop renaissance currently as a surge of up-and-coming rappers have emerged from the shadows of the CN Tower.  Jazz Cartier is the most recent of the cornucopia of new artists coming out of The Six. With his A$AP Rocky-esque steez and Travi$ Scott-like delivery, Cartier has all the attributes one needs to have to become successful in the rap arena that is the music industry.

The visual for the combined tracks of "Switch" and "The Downtown Cliché" showcase these attributes brilliantly as Cartier takes the viewer on a trip in a day in the life of the Get Home Safe crew. In the "Switch" half of the video, Cartier can be seen mobbing with his crew as they hit up various spots in Toronto, which ranges from a soccer field to an underground club. The young musician impresses with his stuttered delivery of bars that, to put it best, are doused in pure Canadian swagger. On the last repetition of the hook on "Switch" tapers, the Get Home Safe crew rapper is shown walking to a black beamer as the track transitions to the ferocious, and pulsating "The Downtown Cliché". Jazz Cartier puts on for Toronto in all its glory as him and his crew walk its hollow streets like they own it. 

After watching the video for the two tracks it is hard to resist Jazz Cartier's movement in Toronto. I mean, his music practically demands your attention due to his high-octane execution of his verses and hooks. With that all said, be sure to watch the video for "Switch/The Downtown Cliché" below. 


Jazz Cartier

"Switch/ The Downtown Cliché" [Video]

  • 2014-10-15


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