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La+ch shares the "Hi-Life" feeling in latest track

Toronto based artist, La+ch has collaborated with fellow Sideways producer Dustbuster for his debut EP that is expected out in November. And as a follow-up to the first released single off of the project, "Nights", La+ch has just dropped the newest track, "Hi-Life", from the upcoming EP to captivate listeners all over again.

"Hi-Life" is an excellent combination of a lively house beat, retro-synths, rich melodies, and vocals that have been compared to those of Zhu (which couldn't be any more spot on). La+ch's lyrics and vocal delivery keep you on your toes and may have you questioning whether this is a house or disco inspired jam. But all I can tell you is that Dustbuster and La+ch should keep doing what they're doing because they are moving in a really great direction. Give the track a whirl below and let us know what you think!



Dance · Electro Pop · House · Nu-disco


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