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AMTRAC releases affecting remix of Shakka's "When Will I See You Again"

AMTRAC isn’t a new name, in fact he’s quite beloved in the house community. Continually releasing quality remixes and original tracks, he’s definitely a name we’re always excited to see. “When Will I See You Again” is no exception. Instantly enrapturing us with a gentle bassline and soulful vocals, this a classic, feels-y tune. He’s slowed it down to create a more coveting mood, that really brings out the lyrics.

Let’s not forget about Shakka of course, his original track gives a potential remix a lot to work with. This catchy pop tune takes on a more fast-paced route, and although it’s more upbeat, the emotion still peeks through. We haven’t heard much from Shakka yet, but we hope to be seeing you soon!

If you need a bigger fix of AMTRAC, he's also got a Diplo & Friends mix from last weekend that you can check out below:

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