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Strike three for Marc Goone's "Mike Matheny"

Baseball season is coming to an end, and a ton of people are speculating over whether or not the underdog Royals are going to make history for Kansas City, or if we will see yet again another Giants championship. I hope to god it's not the latter, as my small San Diego town is highly concentrated with northern California fanatics. However, one St. Louis native/emcee Marc Goone chooses to only highlight what he feels is worth talking about: "Mike Matheny."

I was utterly confused upon seeing this track in my inbox, but once I dug a little deeper into who Marc was, I began to see the fun and charismatic nature of his press. Then, I listened to the track... And let me tell you, Goone's skills on the mic far surpass the Cardinals final rally against San Fran. He's a humor type of dude, and I respect his ability to focus solely on the story behind the music. It's interesting to see a less abstract approach, especially in our hipster nation.

"Mike Matheny" is a song about making awful decisions inspired by the Cardinals manager. It'd be a tough to take the heat of Matheny's decisions in Game 5, but the timing with Marc's track is so perfect we couldn't let it go by. Enjoy.


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