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Ost & Meyer reach new heights with "Sky Hunter"

Over the past couple of years, Ost & Meyer of the Ukraine have been rising through the ranks of trance producers with celebrated releases such as “Safari” and “Double Black,” and now, they are back on Always Alive Recordings with “Sky Hunter,” a track featured on Enhanced Recordings Amsterdam Trance 2014.

A truly atmospheric track, Ost & Meyer use everything they can to encompass the large expanse that is the sky and bridge this with the implications of the hunter. Down in the trenches, Ost & Meyer use steamrolling beats and an understated percussion to keep it moving without dominating the overall feel of the track. This allows the refined melodies and shooting synths, in combination with one of the catchiest riffs of the year, to soar throughout. With releases such as “Sky Hunter,” it is clear that Ost & Meyer deserve their time in the spotlight.




Ost & Meyer

Sky Hunter

  • Always Alive Recordings
  • 9/22/14
Dance · Trance


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