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No Limits reveals all with brand new music video and short documentary

What’s the ceiling for two kids from Ohio? None. No Limits. Meet the duo that’s ready to break out on the scene, and have been quietly doing so for a while. From the birthplace of Lebron James and The Black Keys, No Limits’ Jordan Roman & Jack Brady have been making a name for themselves beyond the borders of their home state. Just signing to Paradigm, the agency that handles mega-talent like Coldplay, No Limits are poised for success to a degree that stays true to their name.

Today we have a brand new music video from the duo for their track “Body Full of Lightning”. The track was well-received when it dropped, but the duo quickly put themselves to work filming this rather impressive video to support. With sights and sounds that are purely hypnotic, check out the music video here:  

Alongside the video, the duo just dropped a short documentary-style introduction to No Limits. This is part one of their journey, and it’s a very well done video. Live footage, personal insight, and really the life and times of two young musicians eager to make it in the industry. By amalgamating a live show with a DJ set, they’ve been able to slip into a place where genres aren’t important. Instead, it’s all about the music.

 Without further adieu, meet No Limits:

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