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Kaptain brings the funk with new 'Cosmic Groove' EP [Premiere + Download]

San Francisco based producer Kaptain is back with an EP full of delicious funk. He has brought together a futuristic funk sound in his brand new Cosmic Groove EP with the help of some perfectly cut samples and even some guitar appearances from Brizzy on several of the tracks.

Cosmic Groove starts out with "On A Waterfall, Orbiting Earth" as the opening track, and with some help from Brizzy on guitar, it kicks things off on a psychedelic note before moving into the title track. "Cosmic Groove" is a bass heavy instrumental track that will drag you even deeper into outer-space. And the third track might jog your aural memory; we premiered "Future Back" when it dropped as a single earlier this year, so that's why it may sound familiar to you. If you haven't heard it yet, what are you waiting for?

Kaptain continues in theme with "Funky Feeling" and "Don't Give Up" which may just be my favorite track off the EP. The production is a bit grimy, in the best way, and the guitar from Brizzy balances it out perfectly for a filthy soulful sound. You may recognize the samples from the next two tracks "Take You Away" and "Left Behind", but Kaptain re-imagines them entirely to make them his own. Overall, the productions are smooth and Kaptain even wraps up the EP with a five-minute long deep mix of the title track that still keeps in theme with the celestial vibes, but alternatively takes on the late night dance floor scene.

Although this EP is quite different stylistically from his Blue Dreams EP from last year, the shift is something we're excited to see. Rumor has it that Kaptain is already back in the studio making new music for his next project, so keep an ear out for his next move and give the EP a couple spins until then.




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