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Collude with Logic in a heist for "Under Pressure" [Video]

Since the invention of the GoPro, film has taken creativity to the next level. Then, to further advance people's capacity to shoot stuff, drones were invented. So basically, everyone can now shoot anything in any style they would want to. Who better to display these technological advances than innovative emcee, and one of my current favorites, Logic?

The new video he just released for the title track "Under Pressure" was shot in downtown Los Angeles, and has been an idea in the making for months. Apparently the brainstorming has been envisioned since the beginning of Logic's hype, which adds more anticipation to the October 21 album drop.

The video takes us behind the view of what we believe to be Logic on a heist. First, we sit leisurely in a diner, then all of a sudden throw on masks and the blood bath commences. For those Call of Duty/Logic fans out there, your dreams have come true.

I just pre-ordered Under Pressure on iTunesand y'all should, too. The revolution begins in two weeks.



"Under Pressure"

  • Def Jam Recordings
  • October 9


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