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Peep this exclusive mix by PBDY for the "YOU'RE DEAD!" Tour! [Interview + Mix]

 Los Angeles based DJ and producer Paul Preston, who is better known as PBDY, has been an essential member of the Brainfeeder crew, being the DJ of choice for Azizi Gibson, The Underachievers, and Jeremiah Jae and a frequent at LA's Low End Theory. PBDY has now been given the opportunity to open for Flying Lotus on his nation-wide tour promoting his new YOU'RE DEAD! LP. In order to get people acquainted, Paul has given us an exclusive mix so that people will know what to expect from a PBDY set. I was also given to ask PBDY a few questions about his thoughts on the Flylo LP, his own upcoming Brainfeeder debut, thoughts on the current music scene, and expectations for the tour life.

 EARMILK: Thank you so much for your time! How does it feel to be going on your first US tour?
PBDY: Honestly, i'm still bugging out off of it. It's so surreal to me. It's the feeling of having something you have dreamt about for so long becoming a reality. Sometimes that is the craziest feeling of all. Realization of dreams into reality. I'm blissed out.
EM: Which city are you most excited about going to?
PB: I think i'm most excited to hit up like Miami & Atlanta. I have only been to like 4 of the cities on this tour so i'm stoked for it all. I really can't wait to the LA show, that will be such a good homecoming. Also, playing in Phoenix is the most full circle thing for me. I saw Flylo in Arizona 7 years ago when i was sneaking into shows at 18, and now i'm opening for him. My parents can finally see me play! Full circle.
EM: How are you preparing for the life on the road?
PB: Prepping for life on the road is a crazy thing. I've never been gone from home this long at once so i'm just thinking about what i need to keep me healthy, sane, and still able to kill it on stage haha. Mainly just preparing massive amounts of music. I've been digging alot for some that new heat and just working on some of my own tunes a bit. Doing a lot of compiling together. Also just getting extra inhalers and nasal sprays as well hahah. I've been enjoying the last few nights in my room/studio before i go.
EM: I know that you have been close friends with Flying Lotus for a couple of years now. What are your thoughts on his newest LP, YOU'RE DEAD, and his progression as an artist.
PB: YOU'RE DEAD! is a fucking masterpiece. It's so amazing seeing/hearing his progression. It's crazy This record i feel like is staple already and it just came out. This is the type of record years from now people will trip out on still. Also the sheer fact he got Kendrick, Snoop AND Shintaro Kago involved..c'mon. YOU'RE DEAD! 
EM: How did you first become affiliated with the Brainfeeder crew?
PB: I would say around maybe 2007, give or take. Lotus & i would just talk on MySpace and shoot the shit. Talk about movies and music and video games. He give me a list of movies back in the day to watch, i literally bought every one of them and started studying. Whatever he said i need to check out i really did and i dove in 100%. I was living in Phoenix at the time. This went on for a while and then i get a text from Lotus one day saying "Yo, Gaslamp Killer needs a roommate. You should do it." I texted him back right away saying i was down. I didn't even ask how much it was i just knew it was meant to be. My mother at the time was going through breast cancer so i had to wait a bit, i started paying rent 3 or 4 months before i even moved out because i needed to lock that place in. Bless to my mom she beat the cancer & i moved shortly after. Ever since then this has been my family. I don't really know nor could i even fathom where i would be without Brainfeeder & Flylo. He's my big brother. I owe them everything.


EM: You are primarily known for being the DJ for the Underachievers back when they were on the Brainfeeder roster. Would you consider yourself to be a DJ or a producer foremost? 
PB: Yup, last time I linked with the boys UA was DJing for them at FYF last year. Shit was pretty unreal. Those dudes are all over the world always! I'm for sure a DJ first & producer second. I bought turntables when i was 18 and was playing on and off until about 22 maybe? I'm 25 now, since i've lived in LA it's been my steady. I've always sorta wanted to produce and dabbled a bit here and there but not as much until recently. I finally feel like i have something to say in the production sense.
EM: In the long run do you want to be more recognized for your productions?
PB: Yes! Totally. One day i would love to be known more for my productions. Not any more than for my DJing but the goal is to keep getting better and better. I hear tons of shit in my head, i just need to sort out how to make it finally. I've been a firm believer in not rushing certain things because of whats going on around you, but i've been feeling truly inspired lately to finally start creating more and more of my own music. Whether it be hip-hop or footwork, i would love to be able to make whatever i want with ease.
EM: When is your next project coming out?
PB: Well right now i have a few projects on the block. Jeremiah Jae & i have been working on a collaborative record/mixtape for a while now, under the moniker JP Moregun. A single should be out soon & the tape out early next year. I'm also planning on finishing up a little EP of my own while im on the road and such. Little weirdo EP of all sorts of sounds. That will be my first thing i actually put out as PBDY. Thinking that will be out end of the year or early 2015 as well.
EM: Biggest influences?
PB: Biggest influences sort of stay constant, but lately i would say Lotus of course, Teebs, Arca, TEKLIFE, Toshio Saeki, and the Broken Fingaz crew.


EM: How do you see the musical landscape changing in the next couple of years?  (I.e. the evolution of the beat scene)
PB: I see everything getting more and more advanced to the point that we all return to the most minimal sounds soon enough. I've been seeing footwork taking over too in a major way. I think very soon all of our friends will be on the radio and/or major records.
EM: You seemed particularly devastated by the passing of DJ Rashad earlier this year. How close were to DJ Rashad and the TEKlife crew before he passed?
 PB: I've only met Rashad.. i'd say like two or three times. I played a house party with him once, that night I will never forget. We weren't super close but overall i've been pretty close to TEKLIFE for a minute now. I've been talking and working with Earl, Manny & Taye for over a year now at least. Rashad was going to do a TEK x TAR release one day =/ RIP to a legend. There is lots of TEKLIFE x TAR stuff in the future though for sure.
EM: Can you explain what TAR Records is to you, and what you hope to accomplish with the label?
PB: TAR is my little pet project. It was something i wanted to try and do because it seemed like fun and a good way to share unheard music to the world. All i ever hope to accomplish with it is that ears hear this stuff and look into these people. There are so many unsung heroes killing it and sometimes they need someone to give them the mic.

Be sure to catch PBDY when the YOU'RE DEAD tour arrives in your city! Tour dates can be seen here! Come back to EARMILK for all of your music needs. 



"A Mix For The Dead"

  • Brainfeeder
  • 10/7/2014


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