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Beem takes us out of this world with "Color Separated" [Video Premiere]

Swedish producer Fredrik Mjelle, a.k.a. Beem, has released a unique animated music video for his funktronica track "Color Separated." The video for "Color Separated" includes everything from "spastic dancing blobs of digital clay" to multicolored out of this world backdrops. The tune is fetching, which draws you into the eccentric visuals created by animator, digital artist, and director Sam Rolfes. With help from storyboard artist Matt Bolinger, the video for "Color Separated" was constructed over months of work painting, extruding and "sculpting hunks of 3D clay and digital pigment into densely visual stages for his surreal figures to awkwardly dance through like Jet Set Radio marionettes." Rolfes' work resembles that of Arca's visual collaborator Jesse Kanda or Chris Cunningham of Aphex Twin.

Beem's musical style was inspired by listening to 80's RnB and synth growing up in the northern part of Sweden. Over the years, Beem has created his own brand of retro-futuristic jams filled with catchy riffs and funky beats. On October 2, Beem released his full-length LP Peel, which is now available on his Bandcamp page. Peep the enjoyably, funky "Color Separated."

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