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Ánders releases "You Didn't Need My Love" [Premiere]

Ánders is a 23-year-old Swiss-Australian, singer/songwriter who needs to be on everyone's lists of up-and-comers. Already with one show-stopping song under his belt with "I Wish (You Were Mine)", Ánders releases his second stunning single with "You Didn't Need My Love". 

In keeping with the emotion-filled slow-sung style found on his debut single "You Didn't Need My Love" shines the spotlight on Ánders' voice throughout. With a minimalistic, yet surrounding soundscape backing the vocals, sweeping synths, a straightforward drum beat and a tone-setting guitar ease the song along. Despite the guitar break just before the song fades away, Ánders' vocals take the reigns on a soothing and at times infectious journey.

Expect big things on the horizon from Ánders.

Dreampop · Exclusive · Indie · Neo-Soul


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