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New act Eastside drops two-track cover of Chris Brown & Ed Sheeran with "Ellie"

We don't know much about Eastside. In fact, we don't know anything at all. The band's social media pages are all blacked out and have yet to officially launch yet. It's a mystery that has only become more intriguing as their latest work has been dropped into our inbox. 

The track is titled "Ellie", and is actually two covers wrapped up into one. The tracks in combination are Chris Brown's "Loyal" and Ed Sheeran's "Don't", with all  vocal work performed by Eastside. Where rap/r&b would meet pop, Eastside spins vocals from both tracks into one acoustic rendition. A two-song cover is a bold move, so this comes across as a really interesting track, especially in light of the mystery behind the producers. It could be a testament to the whole Ellie Goulding/Ed Sheeran debacle but that's just speculation. 

The vocals are exquisite, beautifully produced and recorded to a tee. It's funny hearing indie-esque, female vocals singing that "these hoes ain't loyal" so matter of factly, but it works. The acoustic instrumentation is extremely proper in support of the vox, and due to the nature of the lyrics, you literally can't stop listening. Check it out below and get on the Eastside train right from the beginning. 

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