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Flying Lotus shares the soulful dirge, "Coronus, The Terminator"

Flying Lotus has been dropping songs left and right in preparation for his upcoming LP, You're Dead!, due October 7 on Warp.  After the recent buzz storm surrounding his phenomenal collaboration with Kendrick Lamar, "Never Catch Me," Steven Ellison is back with the darkly ethereal "Coronus, The Terminator."

As its title suggests, You're Dead! is an album centered around the idea of ceasing to exist, and what may lie waiting on the other side.  However, it's not likely to be a dark or depressing record, FlyLo has too much of a colorful, fun-loving imagination for that.  From what we've heard so far on "Never Catch Me" and the Herbie Hancock collab "Moment of Hesitation," FlyLo's version of death is a DMT-rush of space-age jazz fusion, hardly surprising considering Ellison's professed love for the psychedelic experience.

Now we're given a third track from the album, "Coronus, the Terminator."  It's a slower, more menacing song than the previous two, featuring the harmonized vocals of Niki Randa and FlyLo himself.  "The days of man are coming to an end, so come with me if you want to live," they sing amid a handclapping beat and a sly bassline, likely the work of Thundercat.  Overall, it's a nice balance to the high-speed material we've heard so far, and another glimpse into what's sure to be a top-notch album.

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Flying Lotus

"Coronus, The Terminator" feat. Niki Randa

  • Warp
  • 'You're Dead!' out 10/7


Electronic · Experimental · Jazz


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