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Emerald Soul goes shimmeringly 'Chiral' with debut EP and follow-up single "Scorned"

With an era of music that has about a week-length attention span and a great deal of artists striving to make the next hit club banger, it's much harder to find a truly timeless set of songs that work together in harmony.  Emerald Soul's debut EP, Chiral, could definitely stand as one of those golden releases.  Though it hasn't literally passed the test of time, each song on Chiral has its own unique life while staying within the apparent narrative and style that runs across the release.  Specifically, the two singles - one of which is "Stare", released much earlier this year and supported by Diplo himself on his BBC program - provide a brief insight to what can be expected in the rest of the EP, while taking their own lengthy journeys. Below is a short video teaser of Chiral, directed alongside David Tabor.

"Scorned" begins Chiral as one of its more linear tracks, maintaining a sweet house groove with watermelon-flavored chord stabs cycling through the thumps of the bass.  Then an unexpected but form-fitting section breaks through with crystallized arpeggios spraying like water through diamonds, accompanied by just a glimpse of a distinct new beat.  Though it only happens for a short time in "Scorned", it represents a large portion of how the rest of the EP rides - with shimmering gloss and head-bobbingly variable flow.  The opening song also has a contemplative bridge with a deep sea of texture underneath a driven but pausing solo, before returning to its four-to-the-floor roots throughout the rest of its length.  

Check out "Scorned" below & download the full Chiral EP on Emerald Soul's Bandcamp.

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