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Penthouse Penthouse 'Besides' EP takes you on a sublime journey

With less than a week left of summer, we have none other than West Coast agents of all things smooth and sexy, Penthouse Penthouse, to bring it to a perfect close with some delectable SoulCal vibes. Preston James and Mike Parvizi make up the classy duo, and are a part of the TeamSupreme beat collective, amongst other involvements in LA’s music scene (Preston co-founded TeamSupreme and both teach music production). The boys have just released Besides, their first official EP, pulling in influences from hip-hop, soul, R&B, and future bass. Well, as you can imagine, it was worth the wait.

From the moment I put on my headphones and pressed play on this track, I escaped this harsh reality and entered a very rare state of mind that was at peace and harmony. Music, am I right?

First, I went aboard on Penthouse Penthouse’s “Private Jet,” where they gave me first-class treatment, no less. As the chill vibes began to settle, they proceeded to seduce me with a beautifully melancholic instrumental “Let Me See That.” Their next track “When It Rains” was produced with fellow agent of all things smooth and sexy, the French finessin’ Stwo, in which this seemly collaboration showered me in percolating percussions. This brings me to their “Last Stop” featuring JNTHN STEIN on bass, and Mike on some seriously impressive vocals. While listening, I envision this night of charm and allure, although, apparently, they carry me “to the car.” (Haha).




Wait, there’s more. Our lovely boys have included a bonus track “Friend Zone” featuring Marvel Alexander. (For some reason, it doesn’t appear on their Bandcamp, but rest assured, it is included in the download). Marvel Alexander brings forth a unique voice and standout delivery, atop a hot and heavy beat, for a tune you’ll find yourself looping and addicted to. Penthouse Penthouse may make some sophisticated rhythms, but oh man, they can still get down.




Download Penthouse Penthouse's Besides EP here

Los Angeles: Come party with TeamSupreme and Penthouse Penthouse for their EP release show! Grab tickets here.





Electronic · Future Beat · Hip-Hop · Instrumental · R&B · Soul


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6 years ago

Wrote up my first EP for and happy to say that it's @penthouseLA - 'Besides' http://t.co/y9e4hA32LG