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Rondevu is ready for a good time "Whenever" [Premiere]

This entire week I've been focusing on writing about artists in my arsenal of secret weapons, and Rondevu is no different. UK dance blew up and was the rage of 2013, and it's undeniable that electronic music from EDM to music from the more underground scenes have all been influenced by the styles and sounds of the Brits. 

"Whenever" is the latest piece set to be released by Hervé's famous Cheap Thrills label, and it's a beautifully pieced together track that brings about feelings of summer and while the young Scottish producer isn't exactly living in the hottest place on Earth, he's definitely captured the long nights and happy days with this. He's got a lot of goodies coming up, including work with some other up-and-coming dance producers from Cheap Thrills coming very soon. 

Check out the amazing track below!

Dance · Garage · House


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6 years ago

thanks for the support! Means a lot.