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Italdred Records releases massive future beat compilation 'EFFLORESCENCE'

MF Doom, A Tribe Called Quest, Gaslamp Killer, Madlib, and pretty much everybody on that fairytale-style dreamlike beat kick have already made a name for themselves. Somehow they managed to do it essentially on their own. What London-based record label, Italdred, has done is adopt an approach more common these days: a full hour-long 23-track compilation of some of their most talented artists, both established and novice. Join us as we list and describe our favorites below.

  1. Brock Berrigan "The Bourbon Forest" - with an ATCQ swing and summertime stoop lifestyle sound, this tune is the theme to our first love, the one that matters most, what- or whomever that may be.
  2. Dailon "I'll b good when ur gone" - what happens when the Far East meets UK Garage. Delve into the world of ambient snare rolls and repurposed stock vocal "ah's"
  3. Dirty Up "Vacant" - living up to its name, we journey downwards into the abyss of cavernous reverb and borderline schizophrenic-style voices.
  4. Dirty Dundiff "Reborn" - revolving gritty square wave synths panning across the audio space of your dreams. Those broken glass samples are just the repercussions of this MASSIVE MELODY!
  5. GRIMM Doza "Chuch" - YO YO YO YO YO here's a super tight piano melody to get you grooving with your glencairn of fine scotch and your leather-bound books.
  6. Irregular Expression "Exponents" - Brain Feeder, Gaslamp Killer, MF Doom, and telephone sounds turn out to be quite a good combination of inspirations, as heard here. Even the least savvy lyricist could spit hot fire over this one (s/o DYLAN).
  7. Kidbeat "ooholydays" - you've entered the future of jazz clubs. A stoic figure finger-drumming behind an MPC, a stocky tux bringing a sax to life, e-cigar smoke filling the room with chocolatey aroma.

Although we've listed only seven tunes, do yourself a massive favor by burning the compilation to CD and cruising around town jamming out. Feel free to spit a verse or two if you're in the mood. The label is looking into more physical releases, so keep your eye out. In fact, we might even have a competition in the works for the near future.

Anyways, ENJOY and stay classy.

Hip-Hop · Instrumental · Trip-Hop


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