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Ro Ransom demonstrates his multifaceted style in "Heroin Syringes" [Exclusive]

 Heed these words; Ro Ransom is about to take the rap game by storm. The New York rapper has been quietly blowing up for a minute now with the release of tracks “S-Rank Manifesto,” “Killa Cam,” Masquerade 2015,” and most recently the video release of “Anaconda Vise”. Each track boasts a different facet of Ransom’s artistry, from the down-beat, trap-esque “Masquerade 2015,” where Ransom sounds like a fusion of Kid Cudi and Future, to the jubilant and and boisterous “Killa Cam” where Ransom flexes his lyrical chops, Ro Ransom proves how strong he is as a versatile artist. Continuing to bring the heat, Ransom is back with the continuation of his “Hidden Freestyles” series with the exclusive EARMILK release of “Heroin Syringes”.


 “Heroin Syringes” features Ransom spitting smooth bars over the instrumental of Missy Elliott’s classic “Get Your Freak On”. Ransom puts his own tasteful twist on the track with his moody croons on the hook, which he juxtaposes with exuberant stanzas that show off his character as an artist. Ransom says it best when he states confidently, “Ro Ransom is the future two exclamations/ And on God I’m on guard like a second baseman," a lyric that alludes to his upcoming project Ro Ransom is the Future, which is due out in the coming months.

 With each new release, Ransom climbs up a rung in the ladder of success as he vies for his ascension as an artist in the hip-hop arena. Be sure to keep an eye on the 21 year-old rapper, because sooner rather than later he is going to blow up, it’s inevitable with his talent as a rapper. Support Ro Ransom by following him on Soundcloud and liking him on Facebook. This release is only the tip of the iceberg so be sure to keep it locked to EARMILK for all of his upcoming releases.



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