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Alanis Morissette tribute gets a progressive house remake in "You Gotta Go"

Children of the 90s rejoice! When Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill spilled across our childhood, it brought a new kind of angst-pop that launched the Canadian artist to even greater heights of international stardom. "You Oughta Know" became the decided favorite from the album, a powerful anthem that spoke of a love spoiled by heartbreak and the resulting feelings of utter desertion. 

Today this classic undergoes a complete transformation in the form of "You Gotta Go", a reimagination that takes the song into uncharted dance territory.  From everything we know about the track, we're betting good money that the unnamed vocalist on it must be none other than British singer Ayah Marar, who rose to fame after her 2013 collaboration with Calvin Harris, "Thinking About You". However, nothing can be confirmed, especially not the producer, so enjoy this glittering progressive house rework, replete with a driving melody and energetic, bass-filled drops, while we speculate on its makers.


You Gotta Go

Dance · Progressive


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