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Astronaut proves their wizardry on new remix EP 'Destination: Pinball'

Any true EDM (as in the dance until dawn) producer duo knows to release a remix EP of various electronic genres subsequent to the release of a hit single. In this case UK DJ and producer duo Astronaut has capitalized on their release with EYES “Pinball” to create remixes that span from pure electro, hard drum and bass, extra drop dubstep and down n' dirty trap music on Vancouver based electronic label Monstercat. The label seems to deal in high-energy straight electronic releases, which is exactly what we find on "Destination: Pinball." 

On the EP Astronaut said, “We love putting these remix packages together because it's an awesome feeling when you can get some of your favorite producers to rework your own track! We've been fans of The McMash Clan since their first release on Circus and they absolutely SMASHED the ‘Pinball’ remix. We were stoked the first time we heard it. Skapes has been a good friend for a while too and he's got some really sick housey garage stuff coming out in cheap thrills soon, so who better to help us give ‘Pinball’ a housey rework than him! We always like to bring light onto a couple newcomers too so this time we were lucky enough to have Twine and Dubsidia on board.”

Not to discount that their dual project Astronaut was launched less than a year ago after the two met in the Bristol UK live music scene, so it’s safe to say that the project has moved fast. But they were obviously prepared for the imminent take-off as they recorded together for years before acquiring any releases on a major label and new “Destination: Pinball EP” marks their second official year in the music industry. As with other Astronaut releases there is a distinct futuristic and decidedly nerd-chic element to the EP and the duo lives up to their blast off moniker adequately. 

The McMash Clan remix of “Pinball” can be heard as a take-off to the rest of the EP, with the pure dance aspects of electro and house added in. Their re-work is carried by an incessant, fast-paced beat that is interspersed with both low and high-pitched synth samples that drive through the listener. And just as soon as it starts, the track comes to an abrupt and intentionally unfinished end.

On the second track Astronaut collaborated with Skapes to remix their own track, which is a pure interpretation of the modern bass genre filled with lower tones with UK original housey garage elements. The deep synthy aspects of this re-work compliment that same nonstop beat that we hear throughout the remix EP and a similar end drop-off that can only mean dance.


Bear Grillz’s remix of “Pinball” is perhaps one of the harder re-works on the EP, with major drops and a good amount of synth-based distortion. The build-ups complimented by subsequent fall-downs enable the listeners to just go with it as it ricochets off the wall and through the body just as the track’s namesake would. 


With Bluescreens remix we hear that traditional UK drum n’ bass sound, fast-drum raps and the intermittent slow downs that ultimately define the genre. Some intrigue is found in the vocal samples, which are silky smooth and contrast the distorted, low-pitched drum n’ bass drops.


The fifth track is the most alternative remix on the EP, where Dubsidia has explored the elusive glitch-hop genre and turned it up into a more powerhouse sound. For the end on Dubsidia’s re-work it rounds out into a pulse that circles around the beat as it finishes out.


“Destination: Pinball” ends with the most hardcore remix on the EP, which is a high-powered trap confection where Twine takes the beat down with a bang. The addition of this genre to their re-work gives a harder edge to the more futuristic original.




Drum and Bass · Dubstep · Electronic · Trap


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6 years ago

@Monstercat thanks for the support!

6 years ago

@Monstercat thanks for the support!