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Check out Les Sin's quirky new video for "Bother"

As production marvel Chaz Bundick, aka Toro Y Moireadies for the release of his debut album Michael of his dance music alias Les Sins, the mastermind has decided to give us a taste by unveiling the visuals for the lead single "Bother".

The video was directed by Harry Israelson & Harry Schleiff, (aka HARRYS), who are also responsible for Toro Y Moi's "So Many Details" and "Say That" music videos, which were both visuals that were minimal but were full of charm. This combo seems to work for this video as well, as it's only element is a large flailing inflatable tube man (whose face is seen on the album cover)that is seen at a bunch of random of locales flailing in the wind while the funky single plays in the background, which makes for a surprisingly captivating experience. 

View the new visual below, and make sure to check out Les Sins debut LP Michael, when it is released on November 4th through Carpark Records' new imprint Company Records.


Les Sins


  • Company Records
  • November 4th


Dance · House · Music Videos


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