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Max Liese, Alex Brandt and Chesqua make for a magical trifecta in "Let's Get Lost"

Max Liese and Alex Brandt have teamed up with Chesqua on this modern/retro track where as all of the separate elements sink in slowly, they combine to make a refreshingly new idea. In the very first minute, the sounds and vocal style sound like something out of an old film, leading right into a very current type of drop. This is something I can’t say I’ve ever heard before, and it’s nice to hear things getting changed up a bit! Chesqua is the not-so-secret ingredient who makes this such a treat, with her strong and textured voice adding to the attitude of the track, and contributing more than just a vocal element. A great song for an easygoing day, or a joy ride in the car, and we can’t wait to hear what’s next from this power trio!

Dance · Deep House · Experimental · Jazz


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  • @TheVibeGuide thanks for the amazing review. So happy the world gets to hear this exciting collaboration

    Avatar Chesqua September 10, 2014 4:29 AM Reply

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