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Crookers lays down fidget and bass in "Picture This" ft. Dilligas [Premiere]

Francesco Barbaglia, better known as Phra, the man who carries on the Crookers namesake, drops yet another track from his upcoming album, Sixteen Chapel. Releasing on Ciao Records this November, we've already had a glimpse into the Italian producer's genius with tracks like "Able to Maximize" and "Get Excited", which are followed by today's song, "Picture This" featuring Dilligas. While "Able To Maximize" leverages a heavy amount of reworked vocals and "Get Excited" leans towards hip hop instrumentals, "Picture This" feels like an updated Crookers classic. Filled with offbeat sounds and perfectly timed syncopation (trademarks of most any Crooker's track), the song serves up fidgety, bass-heavy electro that surely will get crowds rowdy.

Talk has it that the visuals to "Picture This" will continue the animated trip that was the "Able To Maximize" video adventure, which will call on the noted Plastic Horse animation studio. However, until that's ready, take a listen to the premiere of "Picture This" right here on EARMILK.




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"Picture This" (Feat. Dilligas)

  • Ciao Records
  • 2014-09-08


Dance · Electro · Electro House · Exclusive


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