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CATHEDRALS leave us blissfully "In The Dark"

After much anticipation, San Fransisco-based CATHEDRALS have just announced the release of their debut self-titled EP. Set to be released on September 8 via Neon Gold, the duo consisting of vocalist Brodie Jenkins and producer extraordinaire Johnny Hwin have a lot to look forward to.

Since the drop of "OOO AAA", which was released as the first teaser of the forthcoming EP just over two weeks ago, CATHEDRALS have experienced a flood of excitement expressed by both pre-existing fans as well as new-found followers. Now, Jenkins and Hwin present "In The Dark". 

This new tune leaves us hanging in in a spatial reality that is, in essence, indie vs. electronica. Running in the same vein as "Unbound", "Harlem", and "Want My Love" all combined, the new single is a fresh take on what CATHEDRALS do so well. 

Until the official unveiling of the entire EP, you are able to pre-stream on Spotify in advance of the September 8 release date. As a little treat, the pre-stream also includes an exclusive acoustic version of "Want My Love". 

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/166012439"]

Dark Pop · Dreamwave · Electronic · Electronica · Indie · Soul


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6 years ago

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