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Paris Carney may just be "Your Woman" (White Town cover) [Premiere]

Just when you think the modern classics are safe you have artists like Paris Carney that come around to transform the original takes into easy going and sensual breaths of fresh air. Based out of Los Angeles, Paris Carney stands apart, mixing her soothing vocals into sequenced back tracks that bridge the gap from her classic voice into the modern experimental pop landscape. 

Peeling back on her usually more complex backing soundscapes, Carney's cover of "Your Women" fully allows her vocals to shine. Introducing a slower version of the iconic melody that carries through the 1997 White Town original, instrumentals seamlessly layer in a climbing fashion that spikes with an effect filled synth that fades the song out. In all, Paris Carney's ability to draw out deep emotion through the stress in her vocals allows this cover to stand apart as a refreshing and laid-back alternative.

Keep on eye on Paris Carney, as she is an up-and-comer that could easily break though.

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