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A-Plus remixes Deltron 3030's "Melding Of the Minds"

Deltron 3030’s “Melding Of the Minds” has been flipped to great effect by fellow C7 member A-Plus. The remix sees a variety of styles woven into Del’s original work courtesy of A-Plus, who has also recently released versions of Que and Meek Mill tracks. 2013’s “Melding Of The Minds” originally occupied a warped breakbeat territory with Rage Against The Machine’s Zack De La Rocha providing a hyper hook to anchor the cool lyrical offerings of Del the Funky Homosapien.

A-Plus’ version introduces even more layers of musical intrigue to the already complex arrangement, which the Souls Of Mischief man decided to adopt a medley style of creation, as explained on the SoundCloud description for this exciting effort for Hieroglyphics fans. “For verse one I did hip-hop style, a musical sample with a live drum swing on the drum programming, kinda dramatic, a lot like the original song in it's vibe. Verse 2 I did a glitch-hop swingy style with all hand made sounds, a lot of work there. Verse three I did a club/hyphy bass style, straight up bay area origin style. Verse 4 was a reprise of the first verse, but with me playing synths instead, to show off some of my musical training from my youth, no samples.”

A-Plus has certainly taken “Melding Of the Minds” to another dimension with this total reimagining of Deltron’s original product. Decide for yourself if it’s a synth too far, or a step in the right direction by checking out the remix below.

Hip-Hop · Rap


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