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Mr. Belt & Wezol go deep to make us "Feel So Good" [Premiere]

As the summer months being to wane and the official festival season comes to a close, it's time for fans to retreat indoors to the safe havens of their favorite clubs. Needless to say, the more mellow sounds of the deep have been calling, reflected here in Mr. Belt & Wezol's track, "Feel So Good". Hailing from the Northern European country of the Netherlands, the pair of friends recently began their electronic journey but already have close to 15 tracks ready for eager listeners. It's no surprise that they've garnered a fervent following, with "Feel So Good" as a perfect example of their skill, a track that plays off soft piano lines and sweet vocal refrains, all built on hollowed xylophone melodies, which keep a listener vibing from start to finish. Head on over to their SoundCloud to grab a number of their tracks for free and keep an ear out for "Feel So Good" which releases on September 1st on Musical Freedom.



mr belt

Mr. Belt & Wezol

"Feel So Good"

  • Musical Freedom
  • 2014-09-01


Dance · Deep House · Exclusive


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7 years ago

V.Simmons ft Latir - Tunnel Vision (Official Video): http://t.co/1lQgX8cNrY check it out please. RT

Mr. Belt & Wezol
7 years ago

@musicalfreedom Thanks for the review on 'Feel So Good'! we appreciate it!