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Trumpdisco grinds our gears in his bass-heavy "Ill Still" [Premiere]

Years back when I first started my foray into what was then still considered the electronic underground, Trumpdisco caught my ear as a stellar example of unrelenting electro house. Tracks like "Paranoid" and "Cut And Paste" with Airwolf demonstrated a diverse collection of work, underpinned by a reverence for gritty, grinding lines that set the Australian producer apart. On September 8th Trumpdisco returns to the scene with his 3-track EP, Third Pt. 1, featuring the biting noise of "Outworld", "High Silence", and "Ill Still". Dropping on No Tomorrow/Vicious Recordings, the adventurous collection unfolds grimy beats and bass that many artists are reluctant to explore.

For you today we have the full stream of "Ill Still", the last track off the EP that promises an intense immersion in classic electro house. Climbs cycle through the song, bringing a listener into syncopated electro drops, layered over with crisp claps and shocking mids that release an ever-present electricity. "Ill Still" isn't just a track title, it's the embodiment of Trumpdisco's longtime dedication to his craft and will be available in just a few weeks.





"Ill Still"

  • No Tomorrow Recordings
  • 2014-09-08
Bass · Dance · Electro House · Exclusive


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