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Jessie Ware unveils Shura's brilliant "Say You Love Me" remix

Jessie Ware has yet to disappoint, and that's not to say that she ever will. She's set a ridiculous bar for herself with her debut, and thankfully for us she's continuing to meet and surpass her standards. Since "Tough Love" dropped it's been a steady rise in anticipation for her forthcoming album of the same title. In similar fashion, newcomer Shura stole our hearts earlier this year with the heart-wrenching "Touch" (revisit that below, and get the tissues ready).

This time Shura gets behind the boards to add a bit of an edge to Ware's heavy ballad. The mix clicks and whirs from its inception before expanding into an exhilarating electronic offering we might just be playing more than the original - because while Ware's plea for love in itself is gorgeous, this is fucking fantastic. Minimal, then grandiose just when it needs to be. So many feels. Press play, and get lost. Tippin our hats to you, Shura.

 Ware's sophomore album Tough Love is set to hit stores October 6.


Jessie Ware

Say You Love Me (Shura Remix)


Electronic · Indie


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