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The Blancos pose an all-important question: would you "Lock Me Away"?

As a thank you to the fans for a rapid rise in social media fans and followers, The Blancos have released a spontaneous new track entitled "Lock Me Away". The song's vibe is like that of a Wyclef Jean record that meets The Black Keys, only slowed down and turnt up.

It's overall grungy filth matches much of their previously released music, yet introduces an entirely new sound (with vocal bends and key riffs) that continues to diversify the already versatile indie duo.

"We don't base our [humble] success thus far solely on data metrics, but we thought that if fans have taken a liking to us at the rate that they have, that they deserved something in return," Blanco 2 stated in a recent interview.

If in the NYC area, check out The Blancos at industry hotspot Coco 66 on Wednesday, August 27th. For tickets and more information, visit http://coco66.com. And be on the lookout for their second EP of 2014 later this year.

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