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Saint Pepsi makes us "Fall Harder" for summer

Saint Pepsi is on a roll. The newly signed Carpark Records artist/producer took a few of us by surprise with his newly implemented live band sound on A side "Fiona Coyne". The mellow "Fall Harder" is the B side release, and it's another feel-good love song leaning more towards indie rock than what we're used to from the sound-shifting wunderkind. It's comprised of all the sonic elements that remind us of summer, and we're glad. Hold onto the last few weeks of the season and press play.

Word on the street is Saint Pepsi's got quite the live show planned and will debut both singles at this year's CMJ in New York City this October.




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Kolawole Tokeaux
6 years ago

It's a little different that what I'm use to...but I like the sounds. Great post!