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Make sure you can hang with Madison LST [Music Video]

Get it together! There's no excuse not to be doing what you want to do, or at least grinding towards it. That's what you realize after listening to Madision LST's freshest track as premiered on VIBE. The music video paints the classic picture of the struggle to success, as the young rapper makes his way through an unforgiving desert, refusing to stop, sacrificing mind body and soul, until he makes it to his ultimate destination. 

"Can't Hang," is the third track on Madison's debut album, Oblivion, which dropped early this summer in June. The track nicely mixes the lines between rap and pop, inspires you to pursue your passions-each line offering itself as a source of encouragement-and has a nice beat to get down to as well. What's not to like?

"Giving up on your dreams is like letting your fears shoot ya."






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Kolawole Tokeaux
6 years ago

Not bad...I like the visuals for the track tho!!