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'Groovy God' Beau Young Prince demands you "Smoke a Blunt" [Premiere + Video]

You have to be innovative these days. The key is creating obscure styles that people are drawn to, without going overboard. Beau Young Prince has this covered, making sure the world knows he truly is the Groovy God.

Just recently I shared the D.C. native's collaboration with producer Hounded, where I was astounded by the style and delivery of Beau's verses. This is only one reason as to why the track is so good. It caught my attention with the production of the track off the bat, but the speed is what really caught my attention. His new release, "Smoke a Blunt" is a complete turn around, showcasing Beau's knack for creating flawless easy-listening. The video complements the overall tone of the track, creatively set on VHS in the year 3118. It's almost unnecessary to mention, but the kid rocks his style like a non-invasive hipster, sporting the trippy wear like it's no ones business. 

This new drop is coming to you in anticipation for the Groovy God mixtape, dropping on August 26th via NOVATalent. Take a good look and get familiar y'all.


Beau Young Prince

"Smoke a Blunt"

  • NOVATalent
  • August 21
Hip-Hop · Trip-Hop


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7 years ago

Groovy God making that different sound, finally some newness to the musical world