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Party Favor Flips "Core" into a whole new Genre [Premiere + Download]

RL Grime's "Core", a bass song that once again can't be contained to a genre, a sound you didn't even know was possible to reach, making it easily one of this summer's biggest crowd wreaking anthems. A single that can leave people to ponder, is it even worth trying to remix, to even change a song that is borderline perfection, well Party Favor put a 128bpm flip into "Core" taking the remix into a whole new level.

The remix is a big room adrenaline rush, moving away from Party Favor's typical booty shaking dance room beats, into something completely new for the LA native. "For me, I want my listeners and fans to feel the energy of my music. I love all types of dance music, especially house and wanted to put my own spin on it. I'm not switching to bigroom, I just want to make music you can rage too regardless of BPM," said Party Favor on this latest work. As big room tunes are not something we typically associate with Party Favor, the energy is something we just expect, a Party Favor set is a roller coaster of energy for the fans and big room is just a perfect way to keep them on their toes. 

This remix packs so much potential to be a game changer, highlighting on Party Favor's recent explosion and topping off one hell of a summer for him. He proves to us that he can make music on a wide scale range, while continuing to be one of the biggest sounds coming out of LA. This flip may posses a drop that goes off more than the original, so do yourself a favor a grab the download now to understand the true "Core" of 128bpm. 




RL Grime

"Core" (Party Favor Flip)

  • Self Released
  • August 18th
Bass · Dance · Electro House · Uncategorized


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6 years ago

“: Party Favor Flips "Core" into a whole new Genre [Premiere + Download] - http://t.co/aZ3WLVcDVH @partyfavormusic @RLGRIME” eargasm