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Bison and Squareffekt's "Praia Morena" is the best thing you'll hear today [Download]

The zouk bass scene is rapidly growing these days, and its definitely not hard to see why. Acts like Buraka Som Sistema are brining crazy energy and full-on party vibes, while labels like Enchufada and blogs like Generation Bass provide a lot of music at a steady constant rate. We're not exactly having to compromise either quality or quantity, so it's the best of both worlds. 

For this week's Upper Cuts series, we've got a track that's a little more sensual and melodic than we've seen in a while. Bison and Squareeffekt's "Praia Morena" sounds a bit like Stwo meets JSTJR, and its simultaneously addicting and emotionally touching. I can't help but say this is the best free download I've had in a minute. 



Bison and Squareffekt

Praia Morena

  • Enchufada
  • August 13, 2014
Bass · Dance · Moombahton


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