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Kap Slap reshapes Nico & Vinz's "Am I Wrong" into total house madness [Download]

Jared Lucas, better known as Kap Slap, is having a busy year.  He's spent the summer destroying eager festival crowds with his versatile combination of mash-ups, remixes, and original tracks.  He's still on the road, playing a few solo shows before joining TIMEFLIES for a few months in October and November.

Yesterday, Lucas dropped his "festival edit" of Nico & Vinz's smash-hit "Am I Wrong," describing his reinvention as a "housey spin".  This is a humble description, as the remix is absolutely colossal, with some epic surprises thrown in left and right, like the bass-heavy breakdown instigated by the question "Do you fuck as well as you dance?"  A house remix of a pop song can often be an excuse for a lazy producer to benefit from someone else's songwriting.  Here, however, Kap Slap is undeniably running the show, leaving only the original vocals to hang on tight to a roller coaster of a tune that loops and spins through 6 glorious minutes.  Kap Slap is coming to your town, all the convincing you need is right here.



Nico & Vinz

"Am I Wrong" (Kap Slap Festival Edit)

House · Pop · Progressive


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