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Dyro launches new label with titular, "Wolv"

Say what you will about the genre, but until the new DJ Mag top 100 list comes out, Dutch electro-house still reigns supreme in the land of EDM. While Hardwell and Afrojack usually get most of the credit for the genre's explosion, in every interview Hardwell is always sure to credit two of his good friends, Dannic and Dyro, with much of his success. While I always hoped the trio (who all originate from the same hometown in Netherlands) would form a Dutch supergroup, it seems those plans will have to wait. Today saw Dyro launch his own record imprint, with the titular track "Wolv" leading the way. 

While the label will likely be closely tied to Hardwell's own Revealed Recordings, Wolv Records is not a sub-label. While the label may be too new to discuss it in detail, we can definitely talk about the track! The teaser is posted below, and you'll find Dyro in rare form. Starting with a menacing guitar riff that continues throughout the song, the drop hits you with bombastic big-room awesome, punctuated by acid-influenced 303 synths and chants. High energy all the way, and highly recommended. So check it out below, and check the links to follow all things Dyro and Wolv Records!





Wolv (Original Mix)

  • Wolv Records
  • 8/11/2014
Dance · Electro House


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